Nuvali Park

at Santa Rosa, Laguna

by krystl

Lush green grass, clean blue sky, beautiful and picturesque terrain, all in one place in a fast developing city at the foot of a well-known tourist mountain;  now another piece is added to the South’s collection of elegant landscapes.

Nuvali, a commercial and business complex owned by the joint venture of the Ayala Land Corporation and the Yulo family; located adjacent to the Laguna Techno Park in Sta.Rosa City, Laguna. 

NUVALI’s vast topography is surrounded by flourishing local communities, shops, schools, sports centers, parks, and hospitals. These and the rich cultural heritage of the region makes NUVALI part of an exciting thriving district. Initiating a future-oriented, mixed-use metropolis, NUVALI nurtures the promise of a distinguished legacy, assuring that the land’s history of productivity and success continues for generations to come.

With over 50 years of experience in real estate, Ayala land, Inc. has earned a reputation as the country's leading real estate developer. The company aspires to build top-class products and services, move with scale, and maintain strict financial discipline throughout the company, recognizing that the satisfaction of its customers, patrons, shareholders, and other stakeholders remains the ultimate measure of its success.
Ayala as the developer of this EVOLIVING, focuses on the modernity and possibilities in landscaping while incorporating the concept of being green, well we know how actually Ayala tried to incorporate sustainability and landscape on their projects, and NUVALI is one of the proofs. 

NUVALI park consist of different plant use for their landscaping, modernity and applying modern technologies are apply. they're landscape are inthe shades of green and purple as the accent. plus a very sustainable appilication on they're hardscape including they're pavements that allow water collection that will be available for water recycling. here are some of the pictures of plants that are in NUVALI, they make sure that thesea re the only plants that were used for uniformity. 

Landscape hardscape:

With this evolving city's landscape design, here are the some features of the NUVALI park.

NUVALI structures are very adoptable to its landscape, structures are rendered in white which is part of being green due to heat gain and very applicable to this kind of development. the designs doesn't compete but it compliment. the design are very simple yet has a very explicit form.
(all pictures are taken by Krystl Fontillas)