Arroceros Forest Park

Lush green forest trees, pavement damped and cold with the eerie yet comfortable aura of nature coupled with tranquility and sided by the cool fresh air provided by the trees, who wouldn’t mistake the place as a perfect imitation of a real and legit forest.

Dubbed as "The last lung of Manila", Arroceros Forest Park is situated beside LRT Central Terminal Station, adjacent to the Pasig River.

The 2.2 hectare mini-forest is home to a variety of trees, and plants; a preserved escapade of fresh air from the noisy streets of Manila. It is home to a variety of 60 types of trees and 10 different kinds of birds that made home to the said park.

Back in 1992, Mayor Alfredo Lim, backed by First Lady Amelita Ramos, bought and acquired this land with the purpose of converting it into a park, a forest park that will not only serve as a fresh breath of air for the people of the city but also a an educational space for individuals to see.

The term “Arroceros” literally translates to “rice dealers”. Back in the old day, Arroceros Forest Park served as trading post for Chinese business men in the Parian period; the Parian period being the center of trading activities in the late 16th and 17th century. Fabrica de Tabacos was actually situated here back in the 19th century.

Today, Arroceros Forest Park stands as it is today, serving its purpose as a breath of fresh air for the local passersby that are in dire need of it, or just those plain simple people who just need a change of atmosphere and view. Aside from that, it also houses the Manila Education Center. The park is entrance fee and is open to all, young and old, that is in need of a fresh breath of air, away from the pollutants of hustling Manila.

Deonaldo, Ceres Faye B.
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  1. every month of april in the date of april 20,is the earth day of ARROCEROS FOREST PARK,EVERYONE ARE INVITED TO JOIN,old and young.

  2. good day! may i ask whom should i contact in this park? as i was planning to do my research here. thanks :))

  3. May I ask the of the person to whom we shall adress our letter of request? We would to have an ocular visit here :)

    1. May I know your contact number? We are planning to set a tree planting activity at your park. Thank you!