Terra 28th and Track 30th at Bonifacio Global City by Margot Maglinte

In the thick of the highly charged, fast-paced life of a premier district, it’s a cool surprise to discover playgrounds and landscape parks where we can relax and indulge in recreation or bonding activities.

BGC is more than just a busy community of successful companies, classy residences, plush restaurants, and avant-garde shops. Espousing an active lifestyle, BGC extends the energy and excitement to the green environment, the arts and culture, and sports and fitness. BGC has allocated fifteen percent of its land to open spaces suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. It is most pleased to provide its residents and visitors with safe, quality venues for play and wellness with the recent opening of theme parks, Terra 28th and Track 30th. 
A park that is about 8,344-sqm park in 28th street which has a picnic ground, open play fields, a dog park, a jogging path, interactive art installations, and a ‘Larong Pinoy’ area where families can revive old Pinoy games such as Piko, Holen, Patintero, Luksong Baka, and Habulang Taya.


 Principles of design:
  1. Line- uses curve pathways that is safe for a playing area
  2. Color- apply bright colors that will attract families especially the kids
  3. Space- the space allotted for this theme park is located across the bonifacio high street and the maridien- residential tower

Principles of composition:
  1.  rhythm- the site applied a contrast design wherein it uses different patterns and forms to create an intriguing and interesting public area for the visitors
  2. emphasis- focuses on interactive art installations that are built for the kids
  3. balance- uses an asymmetrical plan for the themed park
  4. unity- the space is in accordance to the existing structures and establishments 


Interactive art. This Color Me Chameleon changes its skin color with the turning of its colorful glass beads.

     At the Larong Pinoy area, there's a luksong baka lawn, as well as permanent piko lines and space for habulan, holen and patintero. Stick figure drawings show the kids how to play. Everything is designed with kids in mind - even the trash can is colorful. Nearby, kids can jump on the steel and glass Musical Steps designed by Rico and Chachu Lascano. There's also a fascinating Color Me Chameleon that changes color as its glass beads turn.  The Rest and Play Ribbon playground is brightly colored, with unusually-shaped monkey bars, swings and a seesaw. 

Terra 28th’s Larong Pinoy area where traditional Filipino games ofpiko, habulan-taya, holen, luksong baka, and patintero can be played.


On the other side of Bonifacio High Street is Track 30th, an outdoor space designed for fitness enthusiasts. Even couch potatoes can appreciate the playgrounds, if only to look at the interesting installations. They might even get inspired to work out. Jogging trails run through lush greens and wide lawns, big enough for circuit training and group exercises.


principles of design:

  1.     line- just like the terra 28th , this open area uses curved pathways
  2.     color- more of the neutral colors since the park is intended for meditation and physical activities
  3.     space- basically Terra 28th’s counterpart on the other side of Bonifacio High Street
principles of composition:

  1.     rhythm- it uses an alternative design layout wherein what you see on the other side reflects on the other
  2.     emphasis- stresses on their disc and poles which is a recycled exercise equipment
  3.     balance-  application of asymetrical plan that denotes different forms and shapes
  4.     unity- as a counterpart, it is also in line with the existing structures 



The notable features of Track 30th are two functional art installations – the Disc and Poles- designed by  Gary and Ae Pastrana and Coco Anne and Baby Imperial, respectively.  These installations are made of recycled materials which can be used as exercise tools. These Earth-friendly facilities promotes sustainable living — a way of preserving and nurturing nature.

Track 30th’s Raised Running Disc helps track the distance the runner has covered. It is made of recycled shredded rubber.

Terra 28th and track 30th is open to public from 6am to 10 pm. 


  1. How long is the whole block of Track 30th? Not the track itself..

  2. I live in condo bgc nd I'm having a great time shopping here while working. Try to visit us here in BGC I'm sure you'll enjoy!